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What Makes a T-shirt Sustainable?

It is more apparent than ever that we must all do our bit in the fight against climate change and that means becoming more conscious of the impact of our daily decisions, including what we wear. As people wake up to sustainability in every aspect of our lives we are seeing ever increasing claims of sustainable clothing from brands, but what exactly makes a t-shirt sustainable? We’re going to investigate this issue today.

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CBN and CBG: Let’s Talk Minor Cannabinoids

We’ve all heard of CBD (Cannabidiol) by now, but what about the other cannabinoids from the hemp plant? If you’re consuming a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CDB oil then you’re usually getting a range of other cannabinoids in small amounts alongside your CBD. These all contribute to the entourage effect, which is the idea that CBD is more effective when accompanied by the other cannabinoids. There are over 100 cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, and we’re just at the beginning of our exploration into how they all interact with the human body.

The great thing about CBD gaining popularity in many countries around the world is that we are now starting to see more widespread scientific studies on the uses and effects of CBD in humans. When it comes to the minor cannabinoids, it is still very early days. Research and studies are few and far between, but as with CBD, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from people using these cannabinoids for a variety of purposes.

Two of the most popular minor cannabinoids are CBN and CBG, but what are the benefits of using these in conjunction with CBD?

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5 Reasons Why Hemp Is A True Miracle Plant!

It should be no surprise to hear that at the hemp shop we absolutely love hemp! We’ve been singing its praises for over 25 years, and we’re always keen to share the reasons why we love it so much. You see, hemp is kind to the environment, a fantastically nutritious food source which supports your health, and a brilliantly versatile resource for making all kinds of products that help humanity! From fabrics and ropes, to oils, plastics and building materials, from clothing to beauty products and skin care remedies the list of over 25,000 uses for hemp just keeps on growing!

Today we’re looking at just 5 of the many reasons why hemp is such an amazing plant. Read on below to find out how consuming and growing more hemp is the smart choice for humanity and this planet we call home.

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How to Soften (Condition) Hemp Rope

Many people like to soften their hemp rope through a process known as “conditioning”, especially if the rope is going to be used directly on skin. It’s important to note that this process adds softness, but sacrifices of some of the rope’s strength. Conditioning hemp rope is a fairly simple procedure, but you’ll need a good amount of time available to invest in this process, as it can be a bit lengthy.

Whether you’re in to Shibari / Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) and looking for that luxuriously soft feel against the skin, or you just want a softer rope for your interior decorating project, your eco-friendly boat or your garden rope swing, there are many reasons to soften hemp rope.

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